Just Me

My design company is me. So you wonít deal with a project manager or a salesman or an SEO expert. Youíll deal with a fun, passionate designer who knows how to communicate and cares about helping you kick ass.

Iím not a big team. I donít need lots of work to survive and I like it that way. I know I can give all Iíve got to one or two projects. So, youíll be one of a few not one of twenty.

Passion vs. Convenience

Convenience is the lack of things in your way. Passion is the degree that you care about the things you do.

I believe that every choice we make online or offline is based on this. As passion increases, our need for convenience gets pushed aside. As more things get in our way, our passions are put to the test.

Example: People tend to choose the easier option (Dominos) unless they care enough to go for the best (Famous Rayís of Greenwich Village. 465 6th Ave, New York).

Both are a part of every design challenge but I think passion is king. I like to help people do what they really care about. And just because continuing to use Windows is convenient, doesnít mean you should subject yourself to it.

Advice on Design

Choose the right designer. I might not be the designer for you and that's okay with me. But picking a good designer is important. Think about what it takes for you to switch to a new soap or sign-up for another social media site or buy something from a store you just discovered. Good, thoughtful, smart, effective design helped make that happen.

Learn more about design. It's awesome. We interact with it and use it everyday. Every time you pick out shoes to wear or buy a bumper sitcker or hand out a business card or read a book, you're taking part in design. Someone designed that book and you designed your outfit.

Contact me! Iíd love to help if I can. I might be just the designer for you. If not, I might be able to steer you in the right direction.